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No excuse for being boring in 47 seconds

In a time where content is in competition with thousands of impulses of every kind, it is important to break through the barrier of indifference. CPI

4 Pillars of having successful CRM

CRM is an essential tool to manage your sales, marketing and customer interaction process.  Unfortunately many companies are experiencing problems

A window of opportunity for Sales

Today, we are experiencing a unique window of opportunity. We have the ability to apply innovative organisation structures, like the gig economy,

Walk this way!

Two examples of transforming value propositions by smart use of technology caught my attention this week: 3D printing of sneakers by UnderArmour and

White page sales modelling

Do you really want to improve your commercial performance? Increasing sales, building a brand that customers will promote, delivering value in an

What can we learn from Amazon?

In Europe Amazon is still seen as a book seller that occasionally ventures into other product categories such as games and movies. In reality Amazon

How many robots do you have in your sales team?

The use of marketing automation, predictive BI, artificial intelligence, IoT and service bots has become a standard topic at management and board

Engaging with the attention challenged customer

The average attention span of a consumer in B2B is less than 8 seconds. That is less than a guppy (9 seconds)! And this an average, meaning that many

Putting your customers to work

Smart sales managers and marketeers put customers to work. That is the key finding of a study of disruptive business models by CPI Commercial