Rethinking sales, marketing and customer service

Find out what your customers really want

What drives customer preference in times of commoditisation of quality and reliability? How can you move from customer awareness to customer advocacy?

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Redefine your commercial approach

How to use Sales 4.0, new organisational insights, marketing technology, the Internet of Things and the empowered customer to redesign your selling process?

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Develop new clients and grow your business

How to generate qualified leads and simplify your sales process by using smart websites, social/digital marketing and our creative and campaign management resources?

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Thrive and survive with disruptive selling

Find out how to increase sales and marketing efficiency and boost customer happiness.

Turn opportunity into sales results

It’s a changing world

The way companies attract and manage customers has changed dramatically over the past 3 years. Where the traditional sales organisation was driven by feet on the street and push marketing, The New Selling is all about customer engagement, commercial efficiency, the use of technology and lean marketing.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way

Disruptive Selling is offering a unique opportunity to take the lead in your industry and to benefit from efficiency gains, increased customer satisfaction and improved commercial reach. Companies that embrace Disruptive Selling will create a competitive advantage. Companies that lag behind will experience increasing difficulties to catch up with the market leaders.

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