Who we are

and what we do

CPI in a nutshell

CPI was founded in 2005 in Antwerp. We look at sales, marketing, customer service and value delivery from an organisational, technological, financial and creative perspective. Our purpose is helping companies to improve customer happiness, shareholder value and employee involvement.

We work with a team of passionate sales strategy consultants with broad experience in different business domains and operate our own creative and technology teams to turn ideas into results.

Our clients are large and mid-sized organisations that want to take the lead in Disruptive Selling and want to bring their customer and sales model into the 21st century.

Read, Follow or get out of the way

Pre-order our new book on Disruptive Selling. 256 pages of inspiration and cases on the application of the New Selling edited by Lannoo Campus.

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Why are companies choosing CPI?


We believe in starting with a blank page. We have learned that getting noticed by demanding customers requires standing out in the crowd and doing things differently. Here at CPI we help to stand out and do things differently. 

Technology savvy

Marketing, sales and customer care software, big data, IoT, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are transforming the way companies serve customers. We help you to select the tools and technologies to turn opportunities into results. 

Result oriented

We are driven by results. We believe in basics like commercial performance KPI and resource efficiency monitoring but drive success by setting long term goals and reviewing key milestones. We are big fans of Objectives Key Results as a way to create strategic alignment in increasingly complex organisational structures. 

Sales driven

We have cornered the concept of Disruptive Selling : The organisation sales and marketing as a combination of human and automated interaction resulting in a much more efficient resource utilisation and improved customer satisfaction. 

Customer centric

The smile of the enchanted customer makes our day. We go at length to map out customer journeys and to improve customer experiences and translate findings into segmented value propositions and commercial interaction models.


Every project has to deliver actionable findings and results. Every campaign has to grow your customer portfolio and yield additional income. We consult from an entrepreneurial standpoint and take into account a 360° vision on the sales and marketing process.