ASMR Marketing: Raindrops & soft-closing car doors

Listening to sounds in the safe bubble of your car.
Why ASMR is the key to future marketing success.

Raindrops on the windshield. A swift sunrise when the world awakes. The subdued sound of the world, barely audible once the car door is closed. These, and thousands of other sounds, trigger a sense of well-being, don’t they?

Well, by finding out what affects the feelgood factor of your target group, you can determine which imagery you need to draw the right attention to your products or services.

Introducing: ASMR

ASMR – short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – leads to a general feeling of contentment. Or for those who like it explicit, sort of a brain orgasm. Creating physical sensations of comfort, peace and happiness.

Today, we see the rise of a whole industry that revolves around videos that activate sensory responders. YouTube is full of them. And German television stations broadcast extensive films of train tracks and landscapes from the machinist’s viewpoint. Calming. Relaxing. Free of charge – for now, that is.

Tingle, tingle, little brain

Determining brain tingles – together with mapping search behavior, observing target audiences and linguistic analysis – has become a mandatory component in the development of usable marketing material.

Through neurological testing, pinpointing the effect and impact of specific images and sounds by using electroencephalograms, you can rank the most influential combinations of sounds and imagery.

True gold

Combine these by offering your prospective client a profound sense of satisfaction and wellbeing, and you know you’re running for gold. Hey, with just the right amount of luck, your ad, movie or website will become the viral hit of the century.

Do you see – or more adequately: feel – the possibilities? Doesn’t that just make your brain tingle? Talk to one of our consultants or take the CPI Sales Test.



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