Brand Identity


Customer Enchantment: No excuse for being boring

Why every touch point should be a moment of customer enchantment The average client’s attention span is smaller than that of a goldfish. And it gets worse every year. Do you know the average attention span of teenagers? 2 seconds. One. Two. And there they go. This cause of this decrease is staring us in the face: the bombardment of

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Outside-in versus inside-out?

When futureproofing your value proposition and business model, keep your options open The key to success when you’re design thinking? It’s looking at problems and solutions without prejudice. When you do it right, you’ll keep your options open as long as possible, so you can define the best possible outcome without interference. Sounds logical? Well, it is. But it’s not

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Digital Darwinism is unkind to those who wait

Newsflash: the introduction of the smartphone has eradicated at least 27 industries, from analog photography – thoughts and prayers go out to Kodak – to record stores, bookshops and GPS device producers. That’s the conclusion from research into the impact of digital transformation, conducted by Ray Wang from Constellation Research. Client-centricity: you can bank on it It doesn’t stop there.

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