Turn opportunity into sales results

Don’t hesitate! Your window of opportunity won’t be open indefinitely We live in interesting times. Today, data insights into customer behavior, sales, marketing and process automation, the development of AI and the use of VR and augmented reality in sales and customer experience offer incredible possibilities. Trust us, this revolution is in the same league as the invention of electricity,

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CRM in 2019: Focus on the end when creating your beginning

A modern and innovative CRM can improve your marketing and customer service in so many ways, it’s impressive. Bringing clients, contacts, DMU’s and opportunities together in one system, giving all team members – in-house or on the road – an easy single view on a client’s status, up to the last order, delivery, like or complaint. But why stop there?

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Digitizing your sales team. From Showpad to VR

Let’s state the obvious one more time: sales are changing. But the question is: what does that mean? How does that knowledge affect the way you will be deploying your sales teams in the future? Sure, with the newest qualified leads coming from marketing, you’ll indisputably need less sales people, who will spend less time facing customers or driving around

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