Spotted by Max


Drone hunting in Shenzhen – Spotted by Max

Back in May, I saw a YouTube documentary of Wired Magazine on the rise of Shenzhen, a.k.a. the Silicon Valley of China. It’s new, it’s booming, so that was the perfect excuse for me to have a look. I flew from Shanghai to Shenzhen to find myself in a surprisingly more pleasant and tropical China. Shenzhen is very comparable to

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Upgrade your meetings with Sony Xperia Touch – Spotted by Max

Last, week I was wandering through the streets of Ginza, a luxury shopping district in Tokyo. Drones on the left, robots on the right. Ginza is a gadget Walhalla. That calls for some trend spotting! I stumbled upon a little hardware store. One thing that caught my eye was a touch screen projector from Sony: the Xperia Touch. Price tag?

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CPI on tour in Asia – Spotted by Max

What brings CPI to Asia? Asia houses one of the biggest cities in the world: Tokyo. Mostly known for its love for good food, technology, clothing and all that can be called Kawaii. And to top it off there is some original stuff happening over there. In short: it’s different. And different might just be the thing CPI is looking

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