CPI on tour in Asia – Spotted by Max

What brings CPI to Asia?

Asia houses one of the biggest cities in the world: Tokyo. Mostly known for its love for good food, technology, clothing and all that can be called Kawaii. And to top it off there is some original stuff happening over there. In short: it’s different. And different might just be the thing CPI is looking for. Japanese tend to have an eye for detail. So that counts for the use of right colour combinations, the use of right materials and offering an enchanting customer experience in general. This is unique. This is what Disruptive Selling is all about. And that’s why CPI decided to send Max on a 4-week tour to Asia.

Meet Max

Maximiliaan Maes is a junior Trend Spotter at CPI. He works in the Antwerp HQ. He has a passion for everything related to retail and technology. He conducted a part of his studies in Seoul and is very keen on exploring the world.

What do we have to offer ?

Spotted by Max is a series of blogs, pictures and videos that should inspire the CPI team, its clients and its fans. For the Asia tour, Tokyo, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Kyoto are on the agenda.

We will be sharing first hand insights and ideas about retail, fashion, packaging and other interesting things that will catch Max’s eye.

This what our job is all about. Delivering enchanting customer experiences, reinventing business models and improving the way our clients organise sales marketing and customer care. When needed we don’t mind going to the end of the world to deliver what is needed.

This Asian trip is just a start of a long term program to learn from innovators all around the world. So much more is coming your way.

Interested to follow Max through the lens of his camera?
Be sure to keep an eye on his upcoming blogs!



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