Customer Enchantment: No excuse for being boring

Why every touch point should be a moment of customer enchantment

The average client’s attention span is smaller than that of a goldfish. And it gets worse every year. Do you know the average attention span of teenagers? 2 seconds. One. Two. And there they go.

This cause of this decrease is staring us in the face: the bombardment of impulses on social media and other digital channels. In a world of 24/7 activity and connectivity, shifting attention priorities is a mere thing of survival.

Customer says no

So, we’ve become more selective. And that impacts the way we see and absorb commercial messages.

That means you can skip the language options on the first page of your website. And forget about lengthy videos of over 90 seconds. Avoid forms with more than 3 fields. A slow-loading or a non-responsive website? There goes your customer!

Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

Even the way you use emails, tenders, brochures, manuals and customer service must be under review. Spend more time finding the right email subject line and go easy on the body copy. If you’re writing over 10 lines, you’re in the danger zone.

Are you using video? Keep it under 45 seconds. Say farewell to boring intro’s, distant shots and mood imagery. And get rid of the swirling logos you like so much. They only make your client run for the competition.

Here’s what does work

Instead, go for landing pages built to fit to your client’s search behavior. Tenders that put the price right on the front page or in the cover mail. Give your clients what they want, when they want it.

In current times, where a split-second makes the difference between Like and Dislike, it’s time to meet the expectations of your client. And that expectation is that every encounter with your company, is nothing less than an experience.

Look at your website: is it cool or average? Look at your tenders: persuasive and to the point or complex and dull? Complaint logging: a positive experience, worthy of social media sharing – or an inquisition without comparison?

Are you still in the race?

Developing enchanting customer experiences is the only way to connect with your clients. And more importantly: to get the word out to other prospects. Whoever can turn any touch point into a positive experience will be the winner of the Big Customer Preference Race.

Whoever fails, is out. Whoever doesn’t bother to play, will be gone before anyone can say “Bankruptcy”.

So, what’s it going to be? Are you in, or are you outTalk to one of our consultants or take the CPI Sales Test.



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