Digitizing your sales team. From Showpad to VR

Let’s state the obvious one more time: sales are changing. But the question is: what does that mean? How does that knowledge affect the way you will be deploying your sales teams in the future?

Sure, with the newest qualified leads coming from marketing, you’ll indisputably need less sales people, who will spend less time facing customers or driving around the country to collect their wishes or complaints.

Knowing that, what will be your next step?

Your own Super Sales Squad

Here’s how you’ll make the difference: by making your sales team true augmented professionals. Assets with superhuman powers in the field of order pattern insights and customer preferences.

Turn them into sales heroes who can blow away your clients by doing what they need done with just one swipe, press-of-the-button or voice command.

Living up to expectations

What’s your emancipated client’s number one expectation? He wants every contact with your business to be a positive experience. And that all starts by knowing your client’s needs. That’s why you need to tear down the barriers.

Stop asking your client what products he buys. You should know that before he does. And what’s the use of asking for a client number for identification? Your system can retrieve it in a heartbeat, while your client loses valuable time searching for the piece of paper he once wrote it on.

It stresses him out – and you don’t want to do that.

Sales up, and beyond!

Take it one step further. Don’t just babble on about what solutions you might have for him. Show him what your solutions will accomplish. What effect they will have on his day-to-day life. Bring your words to life and let your client experience them first-hand.

How? The possibilities are endless. Ad Showpad, a 360° visualization, a VR walk-through or some augmented drawings to your commercial talking points and give him a real taste of how your company makes his life more easy and exciting.

Boundaries? What boundaries?

Push boundaries within these technologies. Evolve from simply showing and clicking to discovering and experiencing. Or better yet: to actually feeling through body sensors.

The future of sales is changing. That’s a given fact. However, by combining experience technology with CRM and social listening, it’s changing into a thrilling new reality that dazzles and amazes your client.

Now, that’s change we can believe in.

Want to know how you can put this into practice? Talk to one of our consultants or take the CPI Sales Test.



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