How emancipated customers are your worst nightmare and sweetest dream combined

Redefining your commercial approach without losing track of valuable aspects of the past: that’s what disruptive selling is all about. Drawing on a blank page, using the technological and organizational insights of today, tailoring them to the emancipated customer of tomorrow.

The Emancipated Customer. The essential focal point of your company, who will prove to be your sweetest dream and worst nightmare at the same time.

Dream or nightmare?

Here’s how the dream goes. The emancipated customer takes control. He won’t need your help searching and comparing and deciding. All you need to focus on is pre-sales and sales. The dream is obviously in the profit.

However, dreams can turn into nightmares in a heartbeat. Because your emancipated customer has zero patience. He wants it now, exactly the way he expects it. Mistakes are never forgiven. They are merely a reason to switch companies – or worse: to slaughter you on social media.

Here’s your new religion

Well, the good news is you’ll be working more efficiently. You’ll need less resources – and the ones you have can be optimized in an ever-digitalizing sales process, where online ordering, self-care and self-management of client preferences is the preferred business model.

The bad news? Client-centricity will be the new dogma for your entire company – up to the smallest detail. You’ll have to invest in CRM and social listening. Big Time. You’ll have to develop a culture where customer centricity is experienced authentically and around the clock.

A land of enchantment

Disruptive Selling is about customer enchantment. You’ll have to deliver a memorable experience with every contact. And that’s a high bar – raised even higher by television shows that format every aspect of our daily life, from restaurants and bars to renovation works and travel. Boy, does that turn us into experience junkies…

In short, if your company’s philosophy is that clients are merely there to buy, pay and shut up, you’re in for a surprise. But if you’re a creative business willing to rise to the occasion, the gates to market leadership are wide open.

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