The impact of emancipated customers

Emancipated customers prefer to do things on their own. They love to look up information on web: product features, price comparisons and promotions. The emancipated customer will gladly conduct tasks that were traditionally handled by sales reps. They have taken over the wheel and are directing the sales process and the buyer journey.

The new selling

Back in the day, if you showed interest to a company, they would immediately send over a salesperson who would guide you from specification to order. In the first minutes appearing on stage, the salesperson became the most knowledgeable person in the room, commanding respect and becoming the sole source of wisdom and advice for the eager buyer.

Nowadays, clients already accomplish 75% of the buying journey before any direct contact with your company. This enables customers to buy goods with unprecedented knowledge. This results in companies needing to rethink their approach in function of the self-serving consumer. They’ll need to offer relevant information, investigate search behaviour and mine data to predict what kind of information the customer may require, before the customer is actual requiring it. Enter moments marketing!

Make your customers your own salesmen

There’s something incredible happening: your customers are becoming your own salespeople. In the past, you’d pay someone to enable progress in a client’s customer journey, but nowadays a lot of this is done by the customer itself. And he or she is even grateful for being allowed to do it!

Control your emancipated customers

Provide customers with all tools and information they need to sell stuff to themselves. Just like you would provide your sales team with sales material, but in a more digital and readily available format. You’ll become the sales manager and your clients will become your salesmen. It will become your job to create customer experiences and customer journeys to build a path towards conversion.

What about your traditional salesforce?

A contemporary commercial organisation doesn’t need many sales representatives anymore. But what do you do with all these excessive sales managers and reps? School them up! Teach them how to give advice to clients. Train them from selling to helping. Put their unique talents to work more efficiently.

21st century salespeople will no longer stress in the morning rush. They will work with customers demanding specific support and will use multichannel communication including chat, Skype, video conferencing and WhatsApp to efficiently help customers with the last steps in the buyer journey when needed.

The travelling sales rep, and the concept of visiting customers will become exception rather than rule, allowing for significant gains in productivity and a rise in customer satisfaction.

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