Engaging with the attention challenged customer

The average attention span of a consumer in B2B is less than 8 seconds. That is less than a guppy (9 seconds)! And this an average, meaning that many people have descended way below the already challenging 8 seconds.

Getting attention with 2/30/120

Neuro-testing indicates that an evolutionary process is going on that requires people to develop scan and decide capabilities to survive in an ocean of blog and video-posts, webinars, whitepapers and free tests on offer. We developed a model that we call 2/30/120 and that we use to help our customers developing messages that get across the clutter and the noise. Any message -whether it is an e-mail, a website or a quotation – should be able to make clear that is is interesting, attractive and relevant in 2 seconds to deserve further scrutiny or attention.

The key message should be delivered in less than 30 seconds. Remember the old elevator pitch. If possible in 15 seconds. After this time your target audience should be scanning your message for call to actions. Telling you that they want to engage, telling you that its interesting but not for now or asking you for more information, kicking of the selling cycle. The remaining 120 seconds are there to offer a fall-back for the more reserved customers who before engaging want to get a quick sample of what you will really deliver. Some references, some values, some faces of your team, a short overview of the key value drivers you have on offer.

Working with 2/30/120 is difficult. It requires creativity, design thinking and the understanding that less is more. For some marketeers that spend their days producing endless content streams and want to keep customers on clicking through their customer journey until they are completely exhausted this may seem counter intuitive.

Convince your customers

The key to succes is to be entertaining and intriguing and to start from the sensible idea that most customers are basically attention challenges, bored and sceptical about your messages. This way old fashioned award winning creative concept work meets marketing automation, customer journey mapping, personae and value proposition matching.

Whatever you do, there is never an excuse for being boring.

Want to know how you can put this into practice? Talk to one of our consultants or take the CPI Sales Test.



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