No excuse for being boring in 47 seconds

In a time where content is in competition with thousands of impulses of every kind, it is important to break through the barrier of indifference. CPI is proud to say to have found a way to attain this goal:  The 47 Seconds-philosophy.

47 seconds: the key to your target audience’s focus

47 seconds is the ideal time needed to bring across a message,  without the receiving end losing its interest. Let us explain why:

  • 2 seconds is needed to convince a person that your content is ether interesting or not. The reason why this time span is so short can be re-linked to some of our most primitive ancestors: the reptiles. A reptile brain has the ability to estimate situations in a very efficient way, which enables them to focus in a short amount of time.
  • Once you’ve pulled your target audience through these essential 2 seconds, you’ll get 15 seconds to prove them that your content is worth the time to read: provide readable text, show quality images and make sure there is a sufficient amount of call-to-action’s.
  • Got your audience through the last 17 seconds? Great! Now it’s your chance to convert them in doing something valuable: Fill in a contact form, download a brochure or subscribe to a newsletter. You’ll get 30 seconds for this treasured moment.

Application domains

Thanks to these insights, CPI is able to apply the 47 Seconds-reasoning to website development, commercial proposals and quotes. You’ll want to show your (potential) customers the most important features of a deal first: what he’ll get, what he’ll need to pay, what’s the time needed to complete the work. No long introductions needed, just get straight to the point!

Break the threshold!

Creativity and originality are key in achieving an effective and unique content production process. That’s why we count on creative geniuses to write interactive texts, design captive web layouts and think out content strategies to reach your target audience in the most compelling way.

Want to know how you can put this into practice? Talk to one of our consultants or take the CPI Sales Test.



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