Turn opportunity into sales results

Don’t hesitate! Your window of opportunity won’t be open indefinitely

We live in interesting times. Today, data insights into customer behavior, sales, marketing and process automation, the development of AI and the use of VR and augmented reality in sales and customer experience offer incredible possibilities. Trust us, this revolution is in the same league as the invention of electricity, air travel and telegraphy.

The break-through of these new technologies change the world as profoundly as the industrial revolution did. Only now, it’s happening before our eyes.

Revolutionary times

The way clients buy, and companies sell, will be completely different in 2025. By that time, concepts that are being tested by the Amazons of this world will feel completely natural. As if they were always there.

Leaving the store without passing a register. Buying production lines or powerplants based on VR and AR walk-throughs. Communicating with customer bots and supplier bots. We won’t even blink at the sight of it.

Let that sink in. That’s. Just. 7 years. From. Now.

Good practices, great results

A couple of companies are well on their way to integrate these new technologies into their commercial strategies. Take Reynaers Aluminium, for example. They created a virtual experience center where architects, builders and installers can stroll through, based on an upload of sketches and construction plans.

Companies in mechanical engineering offer their customers the possibility to configure and order complete plants and production lines through AR – readymade! Just to say, augmented reality in service and support is no longer an exception. It’s the new standard.

Roll over and play dead: Is that your strategy?

And still, many companies choose to wait and see which way the wind blows. They do so in times where clients are accepting the new service levels – did we hear anybody say Bol.com or Amazon? – as the new normal.

Your client will judge every step of the customer journey according to these standards. And make split-second decisions whether to choose one company or click through to another one. Does waiting still seem like the right strategy to you?

Seize the opportunity – or close the window on the way out

The opportunities are here. Now more than ever before. The window of opportunity, however, won’t be open forever. You can take us up on it: most industries have no more than 3 years to determine their position. Whoever stays behind, will feel the consequences. And it won’t be pretty.

Here’s your choice. You lead. You follow. Or you get out of the way.

What’s it going to be?

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