Putting your customers to work

Smart sales managers and marketeers put customers to work. That is the key finding of a study of disruptive business models by CPI Commercial Performance Improvement. 

Make way for the working customer

The 70% to 85% of the customer journey that is covered autonomously represents huge volumes of work that used to be carried-out by sales reps and customer service people. This allows companies to cut costs in an impressive way. At the same time customers are responding very positive to the workload that is shifted their way. Being able to stroll around in the products and services on offer, discovering features and benefits, playing around with configurators, placings orders and following-up on delivery status is experienced as empowerment and fun. CPI calls this concept the Sales 4.0-paradox.

Sales 4.0: a dream coming true

Spending less, using less resources and at the same time increasing sales volumes and improving customer satisfaction. Sounds like a CEO and CFO dream doesn’t it?

These dreams become reality by the smart use of marketing technology, new organisational concepts and an in-depth understanding of what customers really want. The main barrier to implementing Disruptive Selling in many organisations is the fear of companies to disturb a business model that has proven its worth over the past decades over and over again.

It is only by starting with a white page, by forgetting about traditional organisations with traffic-jam hampered sales reps and blog-crazy marketeers that you will be able to see clearly and to understand how you can turn the amazing opportunities new technologies, selling concepts, creative marketing and enchanting value delivery to work for your business. And for your customers!

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