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Last, week I was wandering through the streets of Ginza, a luxury shopping district in Tokyo. Drones on the left, robots on the right. Ginza is a gadget Walhalla. That calls for some trend spotting! I stumbled upon a little hardware store. One thing that caught my eye was a touch screen projector from Sony: the Xperia Touch. Price tag? 1500 Euro. European release is set for one of the following months.

Pushing the boundaries of a meeting

The Xperia touch opens unique possibilities to conduct meetings and presentations in an unprecedented manner. The possibilities of this device are endless. Presenters will be able to focus on details in a visual way. What is more: Clients and colleagues will be able to interact with your presentation. The overall picture becomes more user-friendly. The results are breath-taking. And boy we like it!

An invention that excites

Sony is the first hardware company to come up with an interactive touch screen projector. It works on walls, on tables and even on wet surfaces. You name it. Are you in for a break ? Perfect! Use the Xperia Touch to play a game of digital airhockey. Or use it as an interactive message board. Fun guaranteed!

Bye bye computers

The Xperia Touch houses a smart TV interface with internet access. So you get the functionalities of a touch screen computer integrated with a full-blown projector. Imagine replacing your PCs and Macs with interactive any-surface touch projectors. Scary, right?

Close to perfection

The above makes clear that I’m a fan of the Xperia Touch and I will put it on top of our office’s shopping list. Any downsides? The current projection is limited to 23 inch. Which is too small for big meetings. The touch interface works every time and everywhere, but vivid colours lose some of their brightness.

Should you buy a Xperia Touch?

If you’re an early adaptor: don’t hesitate! If you’re a stickler for detail and want to play it safe: give it some slack. I’m pretty sure that in the following 12 months improved versions will be released and other hardware device suppliers will enter the game.

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Spotted by Max

Maximiliaan Maes, Junior Trend Spotter at CPI Consulting


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