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ASMR Marketing: Raindrops & soft-closing car doors

Listening to sounds in the safe bubble of your car. Why ASMR is the key to future marketing success. Raindrops on the windshield. A swift sunrise when the world awakes. The subdued sound of the world, barely audible once the car door is closed. These, and thousands of other sounds, trigger a sense of well-being, don’t they? Well, by finding

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No excuse for being boring in 47 seconds

In a time where content is in competition with thousands of impulses of every kind, it is important to break through the barrier of indifference. CPI is proud to say to have found a way to attain this goal:  The 47 Seconds-philosophy. 47 seconds: the key to your target audience’s focus 47 seconds is the ideal time needed to bring

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