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ASMR Marketing: Raindrops & soft-closing car doors

Listening to sounds in the safe bubble of your car. Why ASMR is the key to future marketing success. Raindrops on the windshield. A swift sunrise when the world awakes. The subdued sound of the world, barely audible once the car door is closed. These, and thousands of other sounds, trigger a sense of well-being, don’t they? Well, by finding

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Social trackers: Don’t lose track of your audience

Customers are nowadays active in a hyperconnected online environment, where new events – triggers, opinions, information – emerge in a continuous 24/7 loop. At any given moment, customers can switch between being an ambassador to being a less loyal and unhappy customer. That’s why it is important to focus on social tracking! Why? Because in this way, you’ll be capable

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2 simple reasons why your CRM doesn’t work

If you want to drop the temperature in a meeting room, you only have to mention 3 letters: CRM. Almost everybody with sales experience has had a bad encounter with a CRM. You as well? Find out why CRM did not work or isn’t working for you! 1) Success does not come from doing nothing In the 80’s CRM systems

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A window of opportunity for Sales

Today, we are experiencing a unique window of opportunity. We have the ability to apply innovative organisation structures, like the gig economy, which makes it possible to offer jobs in the most flexible manner. Technology has become right-out cheap: CRM, big data analytics, virtual and augmented reality are accessible to all caring to experiments with technology stacks and connectors. Therefore

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