White page sales modelling

Do you really want to improve your commercial performance? Increasing sales, building a brand that customers will promote, delivering value in an enchanting way?

Forget about the traditional approaches to work on your sales team, to hire another agency or to bring in a van of consultants mapping out your processes. The only way to really move ahead is by taking a white page and to start re-inventing your business. You take the value proposition and the target market box from your Osterwalder Canvas and start filling in the blank space in between armed with all the possibilities that marketing technology, new organisational concepts and the empowered customer have on offer.

Ask yourself some important questions

If you would start your business today would you really hire a field sales force that spend most of their career visiting existing clients once the initial market development and hunting has been done? If you could start over again would you build your customer service around order intake and order processing teams or would you consider to entirely automate this part of your operations? If you could completely redefine the workload of your marketing team, would they than be spending their time on complaining about the sales marketing divide,  adding a couple of gigabyte to the blogpost overload of innocent customers or would they they be in the forefront of lead generation and customer experience design?

Starting with a white page is not so easy as it may sound

Strategy workshops, brainstorming’s and voice of the customer sessions are nice and entertaining but the problem is they seldom start with the idea of completely re-inventing your business. Most projects scopes focus on sales, marketing, customer service or value delivery but hardly ever on the combination of all 4 activities and if they do the scope is rarely extended to financial, HR and operational aspects that are all key to really overhaul your business.

In the Disruptive Selling workshops that we conduct with management teams and boards around the world reactions to our 360° business model review vary from delight over rage to fear. It is however only by tearing down the walls and by really open up to the opportunities that now exist to make your business more performing and your customers and employees happier that you will harvest significant results

Want to know how you can put this into practice? Talk to one of our consultants or take the CPI Sales Test.



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