A window of opportunity for Sales

Today, we are experiencing a unique window of opportunity. We have the ability to apply innovative organisation structures, like the gig economy, which makes it possible to offer jobs in the most flexible manner. Technology has become right-out cheap: CRM, big data analytics, virtual and augmented reality are accessible to all caring to experiments with technology stacks and connectors. Therefore it’s clear that an opportunity has come up for companies to reach people in an unprecedented way.

Disruptive selling paradox

For the first time in the history of sales, you can increase efficiency gains and customer satisfaction at the same time. This isn’t only enabled by using new organisation structures, inventive technologies and fresh insights in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. It also thrives on the willingness of customers to do more and more themselves. This results in happy shareholders, happy customers and happy employees.

Combining customer satisfaction and business results

Customer satisfaction is measured with Net Promotor Score (NPS), our favourite method to indicate loyalty and customer satisfaction. Results are measured via return on investment (ROI) and return on marketing investment (ROMI). NPS and ROI are our 2 most precious metrics, which steer all of our actions.

Opportunities for your company

Disruptive businesses take advantage of this window of opportunity and are enjoying the unmistakable benefits. These companies do not only attract the most interesting and futureproof clients, they also appeal to strong employee profiles. They benefit from efficiency gains of more than 30 % and achieve above average financial results.

Lead, follow or get out of the way

Not following is not an option: you’ll get out of touch with your market in no time and you’ll get stuck with boring clients and unproductive employees, who are not digitally active and still driven by old-school sales. So open your eyes and open your mind. Have a look at your market and the dynamics that are driving success and failure. Start from a white page and redesign your business model using today’s possibilities in technology, organisation and customer interaction.

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