Business modelling

How to implement radical new business concepts?

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Never before companies were confronted with the need to adapt and review their business model as in the present times. Business modelling is essential for creating unique value as a business, so pay particular attention to this!

CPI helps businesses to update their business model and commercial approach to meet changing customer expectations, counter pressure from competitors and outsmart industry disruptors.

We combine strategic thinking with commercial, financial and organisational insights to develop and simulate possible scenarios.

We then use our extensive experience in change management, marketing, sales, customer service and operational delivery to turn ideas into results.

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This user-friendly CPI Sales Test will reveal just how future-proof your sales, marketing and customer service processes really are. It only takes about 5 to 7 minutes to complete and uses CPI benchmarks to score your current approach based on decades of experience improving commercial efficiency and customer enchantment.

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About CPI

CPI helps companies future-proof their marketing, sales and customer service approaches. We advise on commercial strategy, commercial organization, CRM, marketing automation and the integration of new technologies in the sales process.

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