Sales Audit

How efficient is your sales approach?

A commercial audit of your company

CPI Consulting has developed a 360° audit, mapping all aspects of your company’s commercial operations. The audit is performed by a multidisciplinary team of CPI professionals and takes 4 to 6 weeks. Our consultants, data analysts and marketing auditors will work closely with your teams, managers, clients and prospects to carry out a thorough assessment of your business activities.

Once the audit has been completed, you’ll receive a comprehensive report analysing 20 aspects of your current approach to establish your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll provide you with tangible tools for improvement to help you optimize your commercial approach, and a clear calculation of ROI following the implementation of our advice.

Our team will assist you in putting these recommendations into action – from upgrading your value proposition to rolling out lead generation campaigns, from improving your sales process to training and coaching your sales, marketing and customer service teams, and from rebuilding your website to implementing a data-driven business model or an autonomous order platform.

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Gain insight into the performance of your current marketing, sales, technology and customer service operations. Complete the CPI Sales Test now!

This user-friendly CPI Sales Test will reveal just how future-proof your sales, marketing and customer service processes really are. It only takes about 5 to 7 minutes to complete and uses CPI benchmarks to score your current approach based on decades of experience improving commercial efficiency and customer enchantment.

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What would you get from a Sales Audit?

  • A systematic mapping of your sales, marketing and customer service approach.
  • Tangible recommendations made by experienced CPI sales, marketing and customer service experts.
  • A business case, including the expected ROI.

About CPI

CPI helps companies future-proof their marketing, sales and customer service approaches. We advise on commercial strategy, commercial organization, CRM, marketing automation and the integration of new technologies in the sales process.

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